What we said...  We have had the awesome opportunity to capture Korinna behind the lens since she was a senior in high school. We have loved to watch her develop as a photographer herself. What a dream come true for both of us to have the opportunity to capture their engagement shoot in Malibu! Korinna and Kevin have a beautiful chemistry together. They are so comfortable in each other's arms. We couldn't have asked for a better couple to shoot in these incredible locations. We are beyond excited for what we will get with their wedding photos.    
   What we said...   Family is very important to Ashley and John and remembering the details. When the car Ashley rode up in to the ceremony site pulled up all you could hear was the oooo's and ahhh's. If you looked at it is was a cool car. Come to find out it was his great grandfathers first car from the 1930's. It even had his grandmothers baby shoes hanging from the rear view mirror. Listening to John and Ashley's love story by friends and family was so touching. They leave an undeniable mark on anyone they know. We loved to catch them looking at each other with such love. They made us feel so welcome on their big day. We count ourselves blessed to have met two such caring people! 
   What we said...   I know it sounds silly but we really can tell by the answer on our contact page of "what was the last album you bought?" if we are going to connect with a client. Every album Lauren and Bryan named off were a current fave of ours. We absolutely loved to see how much they adored each other. They would start to say something and the other one was finishing their sentences. It was adorable to watch! Their style and ideas were right out of our playbook and it was like Lauren was reading our pinterest board mind. The Love Train was a favorite spot for them ,so of course we had to include! 
   What we said...   Where do we begin? As we got to know Elena and Matt more we felt like we had met our clones. Our personalities and interests were spot on. We instantly wanted to be best friends! It was an absolute joy to get to know them better over the months coming up to the wedding. When we arrived on the wedding day we felt more like friends than a hired vendor to take pictures. The emotion captured on their day was incredible. Elena loves with her whole heart and every aspect of the day showed that. We are so lucky to have found such amazing friends. 
   What we said...   Michael..... where do we start? He had us in stitches from the moment we met. Michael couldn't go one minute without making Sarah laugh. They both are making a big difference in people's lives through coaching and social justice issues. We felt like true kindred spirits when they shared their hearts with us. They love pizza. We cant wait to hang out with them and have pizza in their new brick oven!
   What we said...   Something that really stuck out to me (Brian) was a comment that was made by both of them separately to other people.  They both said " If they weren't with each other they wouldn't be with anyone at all." It was so clear that they were best friends. They made each other laugh and live deeply. There was so much emotion during the day that spoke strongly of their connections with friends and family. That gleam in their eye for one another is something really rare and special. 
   What we said...   We knew we were going to love these two when they told us about their sweet boys Amos and Rory. (Their two cattle dogs.) Amber and Bill are always on the move either riding their bikes or hiking. They never miss an opportunity to drink deeply of life. They have such a heart for people and it really struck a cord with us! They are both quiet but you can tell they have a fiercely strong love for one another. They washed each other's feet during the ceremony which was so perfect because they are so willing to serve each other. We love what we do when we get to watch a love like this! 
   What we said...   I (Amy) met Janna through going on a mission trip to South Africa with her mom many years ago. Janna comes from a family with LOTS of love to give to the world. She was destined to do something great. Janna and Justin both are making a huge impact in the theatre world with their non profits. This is the place they met and fell in love. They both bring a dynamic force into a room. They are visionary, creative and inspiring to be around. They truly are each other's soul mate. 
   What we said...   We've known Cory for a while and it was amazing to finally see him meet his other half. Jamie is the perfect match to all of Cory's quirkiness. They incorporated a very original aspect into their ceremony that we will never forget. They each picked a scent to represent each other exchanged fragrances. What a beautiful reminder of their love for each other! We had rain on their wedding day and most bride's would have a panic attack but Jamie was up for the challenge and oh how amazing the pictures turned out because of it! 
   What we said...   We met Dassie and Austin through another one of our amazing clients.  Dassie and Austin have a love for the city and were just about ready to move into their beautiful new home with a gorgeous city view and wanted to include this special location into their engagement shoot. Dassie and Austin suggested this adorable bar that they love to go to unwind. We ended the perfect evening sipping on fabulous cocktails with an even more fabulous couple. We are so excited to shoot their wedding and look forward to many more hang outs!