Snow White and the Huntsman Inspiration Shoot by Amy Grissom

Vendors Included:

Violet Vintage

Black Iris Estate

Classic Cakes

LGI Linens

Amelia Gray Studio Salon

White Clover Designs

Nelson Jewelers

Sophia's Bridal and Tux

Save the Date Indy

Amy and I have always wanted to do an inspiration shoot of some kind. We always look at things a little differently when it comes to photography and to have a wedding shoot where we can really go wild with our ideas has been a dream of ours. Also, with the hundreds of weddings we have shot, we would love to give brides some inspiration for their upcoming wedding. We've seen so much cool stuff and worked with so many amazing vendors over the years, we wanted to get them all together in one big shoot and see what happens. Well...what happened was truly amazing. I'm not sure I've seen Amy this stressed since our wedding! But it was the good kind of stress! The amount of moving parts in a shoot like this was staggering, but we can't say enough amazing things about the vendors that put their time and effort into the art they create. All the vendors listed were incredible. Every single one went out of their way to make this shoot happen. A huge shout out has to go to Black Iris Estate for allowing us to utilize their amazing grounds and to Violet Vintage for providing all the couches and props. Ok...on to the details of the shoot.

This shoot was themed, "Snow White and the Huntsman". We gathered different details to give it a little twist and to also showcase some really cool ideas that brides could use for their wedding. Our models were the amazing Dassie and Austin. We shot their wedding few years ago and when we were thinking up the couple to ask, we both thought of them instantly. They have such good chemistry and jumped in head first for the shoot. Seeing it all come together was an amazing experience and getting to know the vendors and seeing their art was even better. We really hope you love this and take some inspiration from it. We have links to all the vendors websites at the top so if you are in the market please check them out first. Ok, I've written way to much! On to the pictures(and there are a lot of pictures)!

Lindsey + Ryan Wedding Day by Amy Grissom

Where do I (Amy) even begin..... This day was executed absolutely spectacularly. It was not what it was without the INCREDIBLE vendor team we worked with! Brian and I have loved working with Lindsey and Ryan over the last year and half. We got to experience a little piece of where they met and fell in love when we shot their engagement photos in Vail this last winter. They were both so accommodating and let us stay in their family condo and wanted us to take time and experience Vail. Lindsey was so kind to even offer us to use their condo and bring our girls back to enjoy the surroundings. If you meet Lindsey you see she has such a big heart and cares about how others are doing around her. As the months slipped by faster and faster I enjoyed so much working with Lindsey's ASTOUNDING planner Gina. All the details and aspects Lindsey had planned for her big day were gorgeous! She had made it such a priority to make sure every moment was planned for a picture perfect opportunity. Brian and I could not have asked for a better timeline for pictures. I love so much how Lindsey and Ryan added their sweet pup Maddie into their special day. It was so precious to see how Maddie watcher her mommy and daddy during the ceremony. I could tell how special she was to Lindsey and Ryan. Another aspect they added to their ceremony which I thought was such a neat moment was when seven people stood up and gave them seven blessings. It was so heartfelt and showed there were many people invested in them as a couple and the strength of their marriage. I loved listening to the speeches and hearing about the couples character and special stories they shared with their loved ones. Lindsey and Ryan love well and care so much about those in their lives. There was not an empty spot on the dance floor the majority of the evening. Everyone had such a good time joining in the Horah Dance. It was a sight to see! How better to end the night than with gourmet hotdogs! This wedding was definitely one for the books and one Brian and I adored capturing.....

Abby + Brian Wedding Day by Amy Grissom

I (Amy) have known Abby and Brian since elementary school. When I found out that they were dating I was so excited! Who would have ever thought all these years later they would lead back to each other! When Abby texted me and asked about wedding dates I almost jumped through the phone with so much happiness for her. It was such a fun planning experience over the the last year to see and hear all the details she had planned for her gorgeous wedding day. Abby designed ALL the flowers and centerpieces herself. ** Give her some love and tell her to open her own shop!! :)  She is so talented!! I counted down the days until her wedding. I felt like it was my wedding day when we headed over to the venue that morning. I couldn't wait to see her and give her a big hug. The weather could not have been more of a dream for August. Every aspect of the day was picture perfect. Brian and I hope you enjoy viewing this wedding as much as we enjoyed capturing it! 

Sam + John Wedding Day by Amy Grissom

Sam and John were a dream to work with! From the first time we met we knew that the wedding day was going to be something to look forward to. And we love shooting at Kennedy Farms! Their details and style fit perfectly with the Kennedy Farms. We loved hanging out with them on their special day and really couldn't wait to share these pictures with you!

Jarrod + Angela E-Session by Amy Grissom

We love going down to Bloomington and taking pictures. And when Jarrod threw out the idea of hitting up their favorite pizza place before...I got down there as fast as I could! Quick side note, I(Brian) could eat pizza everyday of my life and not get tired of it. Walking into Mother Bear's Pizza, I knew it was going to be a great night. The pizza was amazing and hanging out before the shoot was just fantastic. We had to get a few shots in Mother Bear's, and then we headed off to the second location. The road to the lake was twisty, and a half lane to small, and did I say twisty? But it was definitely worth it when we got there. What a night to be by the water. Can't wait for their wedding!


Abby + Brian E-Session by Amy Grissom

Our first "mini-shoot" of Abby and Brian came when he surprised her when he asked her to marry him! It was at the IMA and I was either "Ninja Photographer" or "Creeper Photographer" depending on your view:) Either way, the proposal turned out amazing. She didn't notice me and was completely surprised. So it was awesome to get together a few weeks later to take their official e-session. We walked around Eagle Creek and had the best weather we could have wanted. We absolutely can't wait for their wedding! Until then...these photos will have to do.

11 year old Paris Party by Amy Grissom

How can it be that our sweet Ella is 11 years old? I remember holding her in my arms and looking down at those big sweet eyes and listening to her sweet baby laughs. She is growing into such a beautiful, strong, creative, athletic and talented girl. Brian and I could not be more proud of who she is growing to be. One of her friends gave her such a fitting gift for Ella. It was an owl necklace that stood for a faithful, wise fiend. Ella is this to her friends. She loves them with all her heart and would do anything for them. As I looked around the room at the 25 people that were stuffed into our home I couldn't help but be filled with such thankfulness. We loved celebrating our girl and making her feel special. We hope you enjoy a little snippet of our fun night in Paris. 

Tiffany + Steven E-Session by Amy Grissom

Indianapolis, IN: Where do I start with this girl! She is a business owner, motivator, big-thinker and kick-in-the-pants whenever you need a pick me up. Tiff and Steven are doing some awesome work in her network marketing business (ITWorks!) and is an inspiration to so many people. We were so stoked that we were able to capture their engagement session and upcoming wedding.

As you can see, they are big baseball fans, so the first part of the shoot had to be downtown around a baseball field and had to end at a sports bar...of course.  The second part was quite a bit more dressy so we went to a few monuments downtown to finish out. What you don't see, was that the temperature, can't feel the hands freezing. But Tiff and Steven went all in and were up for anything. Ok, less talk, more you go!

The Lauer's by Amy Grissom

Dunes Acres, IN: One of the coolest things about being a wedding photographer is seeing your clients families grow. Amy and I love stories, and this is just another chapter in the story that started on their wedding day. We saw (through social media) that Lauren and Bobby were blessed with a little girl and when we got an e-mail from them, we were so excited to head north to take their family pictures!

Lauren and Bobby, coincidentally, grew up and vacationed at the same place as kids. That's where they first met and that's where they had their wedding and it would only be fitting to have their first set of family pictures there. It was so cool to revisit all the spots we went to on their wedding day, except this time with their beautiful daughter. As their family grows, so do the stories and we are honored to be a small part of that.