Tiffany + Steven E-Session / by Amy Grissom

Indianapolis, IN: Where do I start with this girl! She is a business owner, motivator, big-thinker and kick-in-the-pants whenever you need a pick me up. Tiff and Steven are doing some awesome work in her network marketing business (ITWorks!) and is an inspiration to so many people. We were so stoked that we were able to capture their engagement session and upcoming wedding.

As you can see, they are big baseball fans, so the first part of the shoot had to be downtown around a baseball field and had to end at a sports bar...of course.  The second part was quite a bit more dressy so we went to a few monuments downtown to finish out. What you don't see, was that the temperature, can't feel the hands freezing. But Tiff and Steven went all in and were up for anything. Ok, less talk, more you go!