Lindsey + Ryan E-Session / by Amy Grissom

Vail, CO: Lindsey and Ryan live in Chicago...whenever we get a chance to shoot outside of Indy, we are always stoked. And when you have amazing clients on the other side of the camera, it just makes it that much better. But as we were talking about shooting their engagement, Colorado came up as a really special place to them. They both grew up there and have so many memories around the town of Vail. So we all threw caution to the wind and scheduled their engagement shoot for Vail, Colorado! Ryan picked us up from the airport and after getting stuck in "Ski Traffic" (first time for everything) we walked around Vail, and then headed out to a frozen lake to finish the shoot. 

If you are a previous client or know anything about how we shoot, you know I'll sometimes ask you to stand places that can take some walking to or stepping over stuff. Lindsey and Ryan were amazing all day. It was freezing cold, but they made the day so fun for Amy and I. It's always interesting meeting someone for the first time, out of state, a few hours before their shoot. But after 5 mins, I felt like we had been friends for years. Here's just a few of our favorites of the day.